• MBeans Descriptors How To

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    Tomcat uses JMX MBeans as the technology for implementing manageability of Tomcat.

    The descriptions of JMX MBeans for Catalina are in the mbeans-descriptors.xml file in each package.

    You will need to add MBean descriptions for your custom components in order to avoid a "ManagedBean is not found" exception.

    Adding MBean descriptions

    You may also add MBean descriptions for custom components in a mbeans-descriptors.xml file, located in the same package as the class files it describes.

    The permitted syntax for the mbeans-descriptors.xml is defined by the DTD file.

    The entries for a custom LDAP authentication Realm may look like this:

      <mbean         name="LDAPRealm"
              description="Custom LDAPRealm"
        <attribute   name="className"
              description="Fully qualified class name of the managed object"
        <attribute   name="debug"
              description="The debugging detail level for this component"


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